Vote for me!

Karen and I want a new camera. The Nikon D60 looks like a nice one. The problem is, it costs about $700 more than we can spend.

So I submitted a few photos in their contest. The voting opens on June 25th.

These are three that I submitted from our recent trip to Alaska.

And, of course, everybody loves puppies. This is our dog, Ande, at 10 weeks (almost two years ago). The credit goes to Karen on this one. I figured she wouldn’t mind me submitting it, since it’ll be her camera too if we win.

One response to “Vote for me!

  • kelli

    You guys take great pics on the camera you have now! Good luck in winning the contest!
    (I’ll link to your blog, now that I found it!)
    (How many exclamation points can I put in one comment?!?) 🙂

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