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Goin’ a little stir crazy here. I’ve been confined to the couch for less than a week and I’m already losin’ it. I started playing with my food and drugs today. I have at least another week of no weight bearing activities. Who knows what lunacy I’ll be driven to before then. I just hope the FDA doesn’t get wind of this.

Right Knee Open Autologous Cartilage Cell Implant

You may recall I posted earlier this year that I was having some problems with my right knee. I had a tear in my lateral meniscus, which was repaired during an arthroscopic procedure done in June. During the same procedure, the doctor found a couple of chondral (cartilage) defects; one on the underside of the patella and another on the lateral side of the joint, where the meniscus was damaged. They took a biopsy during the scope and discovered that I inherited bad cartilage from somebody in my family. But because there was no damage to the bone yet, I was identified as a good candidate for cartilage replacement, a procedure in which my cartilage is reproduced in a lab and later implanted through open surgery. That’s where we’re at now. I had the cartilage implants done on Friday, December 4th.

This is me, pre-op, shaved leg, cute blue footies and conehead-styled hair net (courtesy of Karen).

I’m feeling fine right now; not too much pain. It does look a lot worse than it feels at this point though. I’ve included a picture below of what I like to call Frankenknee, but you’ll have to click on the warning to see it. I didn’t wanna gross anybody out without a warning.

Those white pads with the wires sticking out are for part of my therapy. The wires connect to an electro-stimulation device. Read about it here if you’re interested. It helps keep the swelling and pain down a bit.

So there’s the update people have been asking for. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers so far. I’m looking at a 4-6 week recovery before I can get around on my own without too much difficulty.

He Who Has Ears….

My favorite Cheesehead pastor, Jeff, is in the midst of preaching a great series from the book of Isaiah. I highly recommend you lend an ear. I’ve been greatly encouraged and edified by every one of ’em so far.

Click here to get to the page on his church’s website, where the sermons are hosted. Here are the links to what’s on the site now, so you don’t have to dig. There are 66 chapters in Isaiah, so you’ll have to go out and get the newer ones as they become available.

Isaiah 1

Isaiah 2
Premillennial eschatology in all its glory!

Isaiah 3-7
Isaiah’s ministry and what America can learn.

Isaiah 8-9
Jesus Christ is God, your Creator, and He died for our sins and this is beyond words.

Isaiah 11-12
Christmas is coming and so is the Kingdom, in fact, they are both partially here already!

Isaiah 13-26
There are two ways to learn God’s righteousness: judgment or grace. May I make a suggestion?

Isaiah 28-29
Doing what God says is not legalism. So what is legalism then?

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