He Who Has Ears….

My favorite Cheesehead pastor, Jeff, is in the midst of preaching a great series from the book of Isaiah. I highly recommend you lend an ear. I’ve been greatly encouraged and edified by every one of ’em so far.

Click here to get to the page on his church’s website, where the sermons are hosted. Here are the links to what’s on the site now, so you don’t have to dig. There are 66 chapters in Isaiah, so you’ll have to go out and get the newer ones as they become available.

Isaiah 1

Isaiah 2
Premillennial eschatology in all its glory!

Isaiah 3-7
Isaiah’s ministry and what America can learn.

Isaiah 8-9
Jesus Christ is God, your Creator, and He died for our sins and this is beyond words.

Isaiah 11-12
Christmas is coming and so is the Kingdom, in fact, they are both partially here already!

Isaiah 13-26
There are two ways to learn God’s righteousness: judgment or grace. May I make a suggestion?

Isaiah 28-29
Doing what God says is not legalism. So what is legalism then?

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