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Ava and Ande

About two years ago, roughly six months after our friends Matt and Lauren got their Cocker Spaniel, Lola, our dog Ande and Lola started hanging out together. We’d drop Ande off at Matt and Lauren’s while we would go out of town. Matt and Lauren would drop off Lola when they’d go out of town. Ande loved Lola and Lola loved Ande. Sadly, about six months ago, Lola ran into something that got the better of her and she had to be put down.

This past January though, Matt and Lauren got a new Cocker, Ava. We could hardly wait to make the introductions. Last Saturday was their first play date. Actually, it was more of a meet and greet. At the time, Ava wasn’t quite sure what to make of that huge ball of fur and energy that invaded her space. Today was quite a different story.

Lauren got these videos while Matt and I went out for lunch. I’d say they’re gonna get along just fine.

14ft 6in

Rock Creek covered bridge on Crosby Rd, north of Morrison, Illinois.


Last Saturday, Roger and I went out to Lock and Dam No. 14 on the Mississippi River, to check out what the Bald Eagles were up to. Eagles being Eagles, they like to take the path of least resistance to their meals, which is why they congregate at the dam. Something about the river being frozen in other parts and whatnot. Anyway, he explains it pretty well over at his blog, and he got some darn fine pics too.

Here are the three pics I thought were worth keeping from the 120 or so that I shot. Click to enlarge.

The True Gospel?

Drew Brees is a pretty popular guy these days. Look for him to become a lot more popular among American Christians. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this video showed up on a megachurch megascreen somewhere this coming Sunday.

At about five minutes and ten seconds in, he explains what it means to him to be a Christian. Drew Brees is a fine quarterback and can probably throw a football as accurately as anybody. However, I think he misses the mark slightly on this one. Maybe I’m being a little hard on the guy but it all just seems a little too Walt-Disney-magical-kingdom-make-all-your-dreams-come-true-ish.

For a more biblical perspective, read this post on Jeff’s blog and listen to this sermon.

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