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McDowell “Dam” and Nature Park

At the same exit as Menoken Indian Village is a sign for McDowell Dam and Nature Park. Believe it or not, it was less thrilling than Menoken. And it was 20 minutes off of the highway. And I didn’t actually see a dam. You can see 360 degree pans of everything at the park by visiting

Maybe you can see the dam from somewhere along this three mile path that I don’t have time to walk because I spent 20 minutes driving to this stupid place.


Menoken State Historic Site

On my way to Montana, about six hours into day two, I decided to stop somewhere and stretch my legs. I saw a sign for Menoken Indian Village State Historic Site. Perfect!

Directions, from Chicago:
1. Drive west on I-94 for about 14 hours.
2. Take exit 170 in North Dakota and make an immediate right onto an unnamed dirt road.
3. Drive up and down this unnamed dirt road until you realize you need to turn onto another unnamed dirt road.

That’s it! You made it!

Now that I’ve given you directions, I’ll save you the trouble of actually visiting the site. Click the thumbnails to enlarge so you can read all about these early hunter-gatherers.

Sapphire Storm

The view from our cabin in Montana, a few minutes before a storm rolled in off the Sapphire Mountains.

Pet Excercise Area

Not sure the pet (or whatever that is on the “leash”) is the one that needs the exercise here. Hansel Lake rest area on I-94 west. Near Tumuli, MN.

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