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Bartlett to Union Station in 53 seconds

Ever since a Facebook friend used iTimeLapse to create a timelapse video of accumilating snow on his back porch, I’ve been looking for a chance to do something with this app. Every day this week, I’ve been greeted by a beautiful sunrise, during my early commute downtown. Today though … rain. Blerg.

I’ve been trying all week to get this video, but for one reason or another, it didn’t work out, until today, when it’s raining. Oh well. I still like the output, for what it’s worth, and I will definitely be looking for more opportunities to use this very cool app.

Mike Doughty @ Evanston Space

Karen and I went to see Mike Doughty in concert at Space in Evanston. He played some songs, read from his book “The Book of Drugs” (he’s a recovering heroin addict), played some more songs, talked about his early days with the band Soul Coughing, and then played some more songs. It was a great show.

Mike Doughty @ Evanson Space

Mike Doughty @ Evanson Space

Here he is reminiscing some of the fiasco that was Soul Coughing.

Luecke’s Antique Mall and Lincoln-Douglas site in Freeport

Another set from my archives of heretofore unposted photos. These are from July 2011.

Roger had already been to Freeport back in the spring of 2010. In fact, it’s where he picked up the red chair. But the four of us (Roger, Sally, me, and Karen) just kind of wanted to get away for a day without spending a lot of money. So Roger suggested Freeport.

Freeport was the site of the second of the senatorial candidates’ seven debates. Here’s Roger making himself at home with uncle Abe.

Stephen Douglas, making a point.
Stephen Douglas, making a point

At Lueke’s Antique Mall. Roger Mandrell makes a rare appearance.
Nice hair!

Antique knick knacks?
Antique knick knacks?

Prince Albert in a can
Where's the Surgeon General's warning?

Metallica @ Dreamforce ’11

From the archives, some shots of Metallica performing at Dreamforce ’11.

People weren’t supposed to take video but I don’t see how that rule can be enforced in this day and age. I think every device in this photo is capturing video.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11

Lead singer James Hetfield entertains the crowd on the right side of the stage.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11

He happened to glance right in my direction as I snapped this shot.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11

Guitarist Kirk Hammett visits the right side of the stage.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11

The band takes a bow on the big screen at the end of the show.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11

Back in the saddle

I have an itch to start posting again. I also have an iPad now. I won’t go so far as to assert that these facts are directly linked, but it’s possible. The photo editing capabilities on iOS devices is pretty good, for a novice such as me anyway. So having an iPad pretty much negates the need to own a pc, at least in the context of posting photos online.

I dug up a couple of batches of photos from my stash of archives. Look for some new content to show up here soon.

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