After spending the night in Mürren, our plan was to visit the Jungfraujoch, but the mountains were shrouded in fog, and there’s obviously no point in going to the top of a mountain when you can’t see your nose in front of your face. So we began our journey to Rapperswil, where we’re spending the majority of our time in Switzerland.

On our way to Rapperswil, we made an unscheduled stop in the village of Thun. We had noticed a castle there, on our way out to Mürren and figured it might be fun to see what that was about. This turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip so far. This town is so beautiful and picturesque, it almost felt too good to be true (I know, that probably sounds weird to say that, but I’m so jaded and cynical because it feels like every place of historical value in the states has been taken over by Disney and there is so little of anything that’s authentic anymore. Okay, back to Thun.)

So we walked from the train station up towards the castle, stopping along the way to snap photos here and there. That top photo is looking across the river, up towards the castle (on the left) and the adjacent church/clock tower (on the right).

We walked around in the castle a bit, which is full of cool old stuff, and goes into a lot of detail about the history of the town. You can also walk up into one of the towers and get a fantastic view of the valley and mountains across the lake.
Thun, Switzerland

Thun, Switzerland

Thun, Switzerland


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