Ketchikan – Day 6

The only thing we had planned for this day was an excursion on board one of the Deadliest Catch boats. It was another short day so we basically got off the ship, spent a few hours on the fishing boat, and then got back on the ship. Didn’t see any of Ketchikan, which would’ve been nice. Still a good day though, especially since it didn’t rain all day.

The ship we toured on, The Aleutian Ballad, was featured on Deadliest Catch through the first season of the show. It has since been renovated to accommodate tourists

Pictured below is a random selection of crab pots and other fishing gear, as well as some of the bait they use. Yum!

One of the deckhands threw some of that bait so the eagles would come down out of the trees.

That guy in the yellow jacket is Kiwi. Apparently, he’s made a couple of appearances on Deadliest Catch, while serving on a different boat. If you’re ever going to be in Southeast Alaska, check out the Bering Sea Crab Fishermen’s Tour website to experience your own fishing adventure!

One response to “Ketchikan – Day 6

  • jeff

    Deadliest Catch is THE coolest show on TV. I’ve threatened my wife many times that I’d become a crab fisherman in Alaska. How cool.

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