Falling Water

Karen and I are spending the Christmas/New Year break with her brother in Pennsylvania. Today we took a field trip to Falling Water, the Frank Lloyd Wright house out in the middle of nowhere (otherwise known as Mill Run, PA).

Words can’t even describe how cool this place is, which is the case with many of Wright’s designs. But this is especially cool. I mean, a house built over a waterfall. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. You gotta go see it for yourself ’cause these photos are pretty lame compared to the coolness of seeing it in person. Click the image to view the set on Flickr.

We weren’t allowed to get any photos inside the house because we did the cheap tour. The cheap tour costs $16 per person and includes a one-hour guided tour and all the photos you want to take from the outside. If we did the $55 (per person) tour, we would’ve been able to wander around the grounds a little more freely and we would’ve been able to snap photos of the inside. We’ll probably splurge next time, if we can make it back before the house falls into the falls.

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