What The Heck!

I stepped out of the house this afternoon to go run an errand and this is what I saw on my car:

Is it possible that a large flock of large birds, who were all flying over the same location at the same time, could have excreted this amount of matter, all at the same time? What are the odds? In the four and a half years we’ve lived in this house, we’ve never encountered anything like this, with either of our cars. I mean, come on! Is it possible that I’ve offended them in some way?

Fortunately, some of them missed. Here’s the driveway next to where I was parked.


I guess I should just be glad I wasn’t out there when it happened.

One response to “What The Heck!

  • Carol

    Have you ever driven through the countryside and a huge flock of birds take off from the field or the trees? I got caught in one of those once and it was like buckets of doo doo literally raining on my car. It sounded like a HUGE rainstorm on the metal of my car but the results were horrifying. I feel your pain here. 🙂

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