Misty Morning

I pass by Poplar Creek Forest Preserve frequently on my way to work. There are brief windows of time every year when, on some days, the view here will take your breath away. The early morning sun breaking through the trees, burning up the low-lying fog over Bode Lake. It’s simply stunning. The time frame when you can catch this beautiful, almost dreamlike, vision is usually between the last couple weeks of April and the first week of May, as well as the last couple weeks of September and the first week of October. The sun’s azimuth, at those specific times of the year, works perfectly with the composition of the trees and the lake, and the temperature and dew point work to add just the right amount of fog.

I shot these photos about a week after that perfect time of year in the fall. It was a little chillier and a bit more humid than I would’ve liked, so the fog was much more dense. I still like what came out of the camera though.

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