Metallica @ Dreamforce ’11

From the archives, some shots of Metallica performing at Dreamforce ’11.

People weren’t supposed to take video but I don’t see how that rule can be enforced in this day and age. I think every device in this photo is capturing video.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11

Lead singer James Hetfield entertains the crowd on the right side of the stage.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11

He happened to glance right in my direction as I snapped this shot.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11

Guitarist Kirk Hammett visits the right side of the stage.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11

The band takes a bow on the big screen at the end of the show.
Metallica @ Dreamforce '11


3 responses to “Metallica @ Dreamforce ’11

  • jeff

    I assume you got these from “someone else’s” camera?

    That one dude from Metallica is the one who is all uptight about video and his copyright infringement stuff. I think he’s fighting a losing battle.

    • n8

      Riiight, “someone else’s” camera. And I’m not really “Nate Kauffman”. Different guy entirely.

      I agree about the fight against digital sharing. Waste of time and money.

    • n8

      For the record, still photography was allowed. I didn’t shoot any video.

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