The day after Sechseläuten, we retreated to the Bernese Alps and spent a night in the tiny mountain village of Mürren (elev. 1,638 m / 5,374 ft above sea level). Although the population of Mürren registers at only around 450 people, tourism is popular enough to support several hotels and resorts. Fortunately for us, we arrived between seasons, so it felt like we had the whole town to ourselves.

There are no roads leading to Mürren from the valley below. You get there by cable car and train. Below is an image of Lauterbrunnen, as viewed from the cable car that takes you to Grutschalp. And then from Grutschalp you take a two-car electric train to Mürren.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late in the day to attempt any serious hiking. And I don’t even know if any of the trails were open, due to record snowfalls this past winter. But we were able to go for a half mile or so walk to experience the spectacular views of the Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch mountainsides.

Here’s an image overlooking Mürren.
overlooking Mürren

As you can see in that photo, it wasn’t a particularly bright sunshiny day, but the setting sun did make an appearance. Both of these images were shot from the balcony of our room at the Hotel Alpenruh. Quite a treat!
Setting sun over Mürren

Eiger? Mönch? Jungfrau?

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