Walking in Rapperswil

A selection of photos shot while strolling through another splendid old town in Switzerland, near Zurich.

walking in Rapperswil

walking in Rapperswil

walking in Rapperswil

walking in Rapperswil

walking in Rapperswil

rainbow over Rapperswil

2 responses to “Walking in Rapperswil

  • Sally

    I thought, “Wow, that’s a cool but rather dangerous looking slide. I want to go down it.” Guess it’s not a slide, though. Is it some kind of drainage system or something? Love all these pictures you’re posting, N8! 🙂

    • n8

      In fact, it is a slide. There’s a playground off to the left, which I know you can’t see in the photo. Karen and I thought it was weird too, to have that sign there, right next to the slide, that seems to be saying “no sliding”. But if you look closely, there are little spots on the sign, which we’ve come to assume are raindrops. So we think it’s saying “no sliding when raining” (or something like that).

      Indeed, going down that slide at a pretty good clip, you might be in a lot of pain after hitting the bottom!

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